Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Longer in the Minor Leagues or a Zero Dosage Champagne in BC

We finally now have a Zero Dosage Champagne in British Columbia, yea! We actually an importer that has balls and will give us something else other than Brut to chose from.  My hats off also to the LCB buyer who put this one on the shelf.
 Champagne Lallier is a small family producer who have crafted this wonderful zero dosage Champagne. Zero dosage refers to that there is no sugar added at the disgorgement. The grapes come from Grand Cru grapes 70% pinot noir and 30% Chardonnay from Avize/Cramant. The quality of the grapes really show in this Champagne. Golden colour with a little touch of amber. The Chardonnay puts some citrus in the aroma and add in butter and brioche. Good mousse and long lasting bubbles. This wine has been aged for four years in chalk cellars.  This is an excellent food wine, sharp as a razor and full bodied. If you are thinking  gift giving, it has attractive in the box packaging.  In my opinion you can not get  better  Champagne for the price point in British Columbia.I have added the LCB SKU to help you find this one. This is now my house Champagne.  I look forward to a long full filling relationship. Hopefully it will keep my hands off the Salon that is stashed away.

Price: $ 89.95 Volume: 750 mL SKU: #14274
Imported by VonAlbrecht

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