Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Some interesting articles and posts from around the wine world.  A must read from Sandra Oldfield from Tinhorn Creek has a post on The Case for Canada’s Sustainable Wine IndustryCanadian wine producers should take note.
South of the border The US still biggest for Burgundy from the Drinks Business. Here what happens when some scientists have a little too much wine.  The Physics of Wine Swirling from Science, they also  figured how overly enthusiastic wine swirls manage to splash their drinks, possibly staining their sweaters. Now I know how wine stains end up on my shirt, and now can figure it out mathematically.

Australian wine  Researchers closer to preventing spoiled wine, will Brett be a thing of the past we can only hope.

Wines that Rock have " crafted" a wine  honoring the Grateful Dead the process involved listening to a 1974 performance by the band at San Francisco’s Winterland Ballroom, during blending.
Patrick Comiskey writes in the  LA times about Beaujolais growing up. A good piece on the changes going on in the region. The Crus are wines are definitely worth buying.

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